Electrotherapy treatments

Electrotherapy treatments are performed by electrical energy. There exist low-, medium and high-frequency treatments.

Low-frequency treatments include ultrasound, magnetic circle, diadynamic, ionomodulator, sonopuls, stymat, sonodynator, dionin and endomed treatments or cryotherapy, which is especially suitable for the treatment of recent arthritic injuries by the application of low temperature air flow.

There exist thee major types of high-frequency treatments: decimetre waves, microwaves and short waves. During the treatment, high-frequency machines enhance congestion in the tissues by using the heating effect of electrical energy.

The essence of these treatments is that low-vibration energy is sent to the painful body parts through two electrodes, when the patient has a slight itchy feeling. Electrotherapy treatments expressively enhance healing. They are especially beneficial for ligament injuries.

(Source: Heviz.hu)