About spa culture of Hungary

If you are looking for a rich cultural experience with medical, health or wellness treatments, then Hungary is the place that suits you best. The ancient Romans had a very developed bath culture in Hungary more than 2000 years ago. They highly valued the healing effects of Hungarian thermal waters. In the 16th century, the Turks built beautiful Turkish Baths which are still in use today.

The waters that are beneficial for the body come under three categories: the mineral waters from groundwater layers, thermal water at temperature of 30°C and above and medicinal water with scientifically proven medicinal effects. Thermal water or medicinal water can be found in 80% of the country. More than 1000 springs provide medicinal and thermal water to natural and medical spas. Lake Hévíz is a real natural phenomenon with its 25 °C yearly average water temperature. This is the largest biologically active thermal lake in Europe.

The medical effects of Hungarian thermal waters are unique in the world.

Relaxing in the hot water relieves stress and anxiety, thus accelerating the body's own healing mechanism. Due to their chemical and biological components, medicinal waters are proven to remedy locomotor disorders and gynecological diseases, infertility, chronic skin problems, certain cases of vasoconstriction, and are beneficial in the rehabilitation process of sporting injuries.

The medicinal water in Hajdúszoboszló and Harkány also facilitates recovery from chronic gynecological infections. Thanks to the hormone contents of the water, infertile women often report conception following repeated water cures in Hajdúszoboszló. The water is also effective in treating chronic skin inflammations, such as eczema and psoriasis. 90% of the patients who follow doctors' orders show a quick recovery; that means tens of thousands of healed patients through the decades.

In chronic care, the rehabilitation with thermal water, balneotherapeutical treatments and special methods can make a wonder. Complex balneotherapeutical package is offered for patients suffering in the deceases mentioned above. Specialists such as rheumatologists, neurologists, dermatologists, cardiologists and therapists work together at spas and spa hotels. Therefore they developed a special know-how. Unique Hungarian methods such as physiotherapy, weight bath, mofetta help the patients to recover. The medicinal water based rehabilitation-type tourism (based on thermal water, medical caves, medical resorts, balneotherapeutical treatments and special Hungarian methods) attracts more and more patients.

In the field of innovative children' rehabilitation, Pető and DSGM (Dévény Special Manual Technique and Gymnastic Method) brought significant reputation and acknowledgement for Hungary all over the world. Pető-method is specifically developed for children and adults who have locomotor disorders of neurological origin such as cerebral palsy. DSGM is a very effective treatment of childbirth damages.

All family members can find the best programs for their needs under one roof.

All the major spas and baths in the country offer thermal pools, leisure pools and some kind of family fun areas (kids' pools or slides of all lengths and curves). The biggest indoor water theme park in Central Europe is located in the outskirts of Budapest, while the largest spa complex is located in Hajdúszoboszló.

Hungarian spa hotels also offer cosmetic and beauty treatments of the highest quality, combining the beneficial effects of healing thermal water, professional know-how and the latest treatment trends. There are successful Hungarian beauty products and treatments, which are based on natural active ingredients (mineral-rich thermal waters and mud).

Beyond working on the outer beauty, nutrition programs help to improve the inner beauty and health.Although Hungarian cuisine is usually known for goulash and the excessive use of paprika and onion, but there's plenty of first quality meat, freshwater fish, excellent wines , vegetables and fruit too. Spa hotels offer specialized fasting and diet packages. From diabetics to vegans, gluten-, soya-, lactose-, egg-, or milk protein free options are all available. With the help of professional nutritionists and dieteticians, choosing the right diet for your needs, and learning tips how to make it effective in the long run couldn't be easier.

Hungary is closer to the Arabic world than ever. Several flights operate between Arabic countries and the Hungarian capital. However it is worth checking the flights and available airlines at the Vienna and Bratislava airports, because the western part of Hungary is also easily reachable from these directions.

Hungary, the destination for combining healing, relaxation and adventure.