The dental capital of Europe

The range of treatments and services available is unparalleled. From tooth whitening up to maxillofacial surgery. Patients travelling to Budapest, Hungary for dental treatment will be treated according to the latest medical knowledge and technology. The number of foreign patients who choose Hungary as their dental care destination is growing every year.

Hungary is one of the leading countries in high-tech dentistry in the world. There are several aspects as to why Hungary has gained this outstanding leading position: high-quality dental work is performed by highly-qualified professionals using leading up-to-date technology which provides long-term guarantees that meet international requirements and give an outstanding cost-benefit ratio. All your dental issues will be catered for at prices 40-70% lower than you can expect to pay at home. In addition, they all offer flexible opening hours, before and aftercare by medical service operators, normally via an army of co-ordinators and customer care operatives fluent in English, French and German, and increasingly Norwegian and Danish too.

Almost all dental clinics offer the following services free of charge: consultation, check-up and diagnosis, treatment plan and price offer calculations, translator, airport transfer, hotel reservation and other. There are often special offers, such as repaying the cost of the preliminary panorama X-ray free if you ultimately decide to carry on and start treatment, but these all seem to be honest incentives to overcome that reticence to go to the dentist and are often quite good deals.

Most dental clinics specialized in foreign patients practise minimally invasive techniques and apply complementary medicine such as homeopathy or electromagnetic treatments upon request. These methods are especially recommended for patients who take medicines such as blood thinners or anti-hypertensive drugs regularly. Though it may seem strange, Hungary is absolutely at the cutting edge of technology, and on a par with the UK or USA, can offer the following innovative developments in dentistry:

  • the latest oral and maxillofacial surgery and periodontic treatments,
  • innovative implantology methods including basal implantology applying biopolymer or titan materials,
  • bone grafting and reconstruction methods,
  • organic (bio) dentistry, cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry, 
  • restorative and conservative dentistry
  • the latest in orthodontics.

Leading dental clinics who care for foreign patients  are equipped with a minimum of 5 modern dental medical operating units and prepare at least 1500 aesthetic tooth replacements a year, place a minimum of 1000 implants a year, use cutting edge technology CAD-CAM (Procera, Cercon, Cerec, Everest) and pre-implantation surgery planning methods on a daily basis. All materials and instruments are of the highest quality and only sourced from reputable manufacturers such as KaVo, Siemens, Castellini, Nouvag, etc. and the major implant manufacturers like Camlog, Astratech, Nobel, Zimmer and Straumann etc.