This small spa-village just six kilometers west of the city of Eger. It is situated in a valley between the Bükk and Mátra hills, making it a picturesque place to visit.

The real gem of Egerszalók (pron. eh-ger-sah-lok) is the thermal bath complex. Here the hot waters from two ancient thermal springs have been flowing out of the side of a hill for ages, leaving behind beautiful mineral formations, called the ‘Salt hill', that cascade down the hill like a frozen waterfall. The Salt hill of Egerszalók is unique in Europe.

The water of Egerszalók is qualified as medical thermal water in 1992. It is calcium, magnesium, hydrogen-carbonate mineral water with significant sulphur content. Good for degenerative musculoskeletal disorders, back and lower back pain, rehabilitation after orthopedic and spinal surgery, psoriasis, eczema, and inflammatory gynecological diseases.

             Saliris Resort, Egerszalók // photo © CivertanS/Wikipedia

The Saliris Resort Medicinal and Wellness Spa opened in 2007, so it's one of the newest spat in Hungary. The facility has 17 pools, both indoor and outdoor, including children's pool, jacuzzi, thermal and adventure pool.

The spa has fitness centre and Sauna world with different type of saunas from Swedish to infra, and they organise Sauna ceremonies, guided by experts, and spiced up with special aromas and music.

Saliris Rresort offers accommodation, has a restaurant and café, and a medical section, where you will find health conditioning treatments and therapies like: electrotherapy treatments, weight bath, underwater jet massage, parafango (a mixture of beauty mud and paraffin), inhalation, physiotherapy, therapeutic massage, and fizzy bath.

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From Egeszalók, you can take a nice day trip to the historic town of Eger.