Hungarian beauty products

A number of successful beauty products and treatments, combining the latest innovations and natural active ingredients, originate from Hungary.

When it comes to skin treatment, Hungary has some important contributions. Dr Ernő László, the famous dermatologist and big name in cosmetics was born in Transylvania in 1897, grew up in Budapest and then emigrated to America. He treated royalty and Hollywood stars of the golden age, and the Duchess of Windsor, the Vanderbilts and Greta Garbo frequented his institute, nicknamed the house of silence, in reference to the secret cosmetic alterations performed there. Later his line of skin care creams would be sold at the most exclusive of New York stores like Saks Fifth Avenue.

The famous cosmetics tycoon Estée Lauder (1901-2004) was born into a Hungarian-czech immigrant family in New York's Queens. She was originally Josephine Esther Mentzer, but married Charles Lauter, (later Lauder) and continued to make and sell her own home-made face creams. She was famous for her rags-to riches climb, largely due to great marketing (they pioneered the practice of giving away a free gift with every purchase) and managing to break into the tough department store market, (also selling at the likes of Saks Fifth Avenue), and going on to rub shoulders with the great and the good. Though Charles was the businessman at first, Estée remained as president of an increasingly-powerful cosmetics empire until 1973.

From Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs with the philosophy that nature has a solution for every skin problem to virtually pain-free laser treatments, your options are unlimited.

So what treatments can you expect at your hotel? Usually, beauty packages offer stress-relieving facial and neck massages, iontophoresis treatments (a technique using a small electric charge to deliver a medicine through the skin), cleansing and refreshing scrubs, healing mud packs of Hévíz, mani-pedi and massages from Detoxifying lymph massage to Yumeiho.

Should you require more than just pampering, microdermbrasion (powerful exfoliation), ultrasound treatment, muscle stimulating Celluloderm 2000 treatments (works against cellulite and excess fat, and stimulates the lymphatic system), vacustyling (for a healthier and fitter body) are also available.


The Kaviczky productline represents naturality, which is free of all kinds of preservatives, colours and synthetical fragrances. This premium cosmetic productline which meets the world's requirements in this industry and both the format and its content represents those values which characterize Hungary. That is the reason that in this products are the so unique basic agents, components, as the water and mud of Hévíz as Hungaricums.


Inspired by the healing powers of Hungary's famous thermal baths, Omorovicza harnesses the skin-transforming benefits of an ancient health and beauty phenomenon. The minerals in Hungary's thermal waters met – if not surpassed – the criteria of the most advanced anti-aging skin care products on the market. The Omorovicza mineral skin care range was born. Each Omorovicza skin care product is formulated with bio-available mineral compounds resulting from the cellular transformation of minerals in thermal water. This naturally occurs during a long bio-fermentation process, ensuring optimal absorption.


Helia-D is known of its use of plantbased active ingredients. A total of nine patent applications have been submitted to trademark the product line, which proves just how innovative the developers are. Among these patents, the first exceptional significance, as it is the patent specification on which the first Helia-D product was based ("cosmetic product with skin and muscle regenerating effects and its manufacturing procedure") the novelty of this description is shown below: The sunflower spread gradually through Europe. Today it is grown on 250,000 hectares in Hungary. The sunflower seed can make an invaluable contribution to our health due to its 20-40% protein content and extraordinarily high mineral content. Vitamin e is well-known of its antioxidant properties, which forms a complex system that binds free radicals when combined with other vitamins, primarily vitamin c. This complex system is able to prevent many illnesses. By supporting our enzyme systems as they weaken with age, we can strengthen our bodies' ability to neutralize free radicals and effectively slow the ageing process. Due to the favorable characteristics of sunflower seed oil, the cosmetics industry uses considerable amounts of it

At the Széchenyi Thermal Baths in Budapest, you can peruse the wares of Hungarian Cosmetics expert Adrienne Feller, including her Hungarian Spring line of beauty products, and the Rose de Luxe face oil, made from the oil of Damascus Roses and white lotus flowers.

Other local stars include Viktoria Minya and her Eau de Hongrie, one of the first modern perfumes and according to the story, a gift of the angels, pure enough to rejuvenate the ageing Princess Elisabeth of Hungary and make the King Casimir IV of Poland fall in love with her. It must have worked, as they had 13 children, four of whom became Kings in turn.

At the prestigious and very modern Spirit Hotel in Sárvár in western Hungary, they even have their own range of skincare products, "mySPIRIT" skincare, which includes a variety of bio cleansers and facial care products for men and women.

Let your inner beauty shine through, and we take care of the rest!