Healing massage

Besides bath therapy, the specialist doctors of Hévíz recommend different healing massage as the main elements of traditional therapy treatments for the guests.

 The healing massage is not a pampering wellness massage. Its healing effects are much more significant than the relaxation feeling provided by an ordinary wellness massage.

Generally, a short, 10-15 minute-bath in the thermal water before the massage is beneficial as in this way the soft tissues are relaxed, thus making the massage more efficient, after which the patients feel much better.

Healing massage include Swedish, reflex-zone (segment, connective tissues, periostealis), lymphatic, sport and refreshing massage.

The classical Swedish massage extends to the whole area of the body, and aims to massage the muscles, tendons and joints. It improves the operation of locomotive functions, and relaxes exhausted and painful muscles.

Foot reflex zone massage stimulates reflex points. These points are connected through nervous paths to the reflex centre of the central nervous system.

Furthermore, the massage services also include lymph massage, sport and refreshing massage.

(Source: Heviz.hu)