The Hungarian sea: Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton is the source of well-being in itself, but if you take a look at what's awaiting around the lake, your thirst for health and recreation will be amply satisfied.

Lake Balaton is a year- round must visit destination in Hungary. Smooth, silky waters and wonderful wines, sand and surf, fishing and frolicking, splashing and sailing, concerts and partying and pedalboating, beach volleyball and biking, elegant castles and sleepy villages, beautiful landscapes and crystal clear air, Lake Balaton has it all. Whether you want to cycle around Balaton (the bike route around the lake is 206 km!) or just join in the ride along the way, you'll be in for a treat. Springs and castles, abandoned ruins and spectacular beaches, flowery villages and 18-hole golf courses, harbours and lavender fields will spice up the ride. Let's slow down, you say? There are plenty of beautiful hiking trails, taking you through gentle slopes and volcanic mountains. Fancy staying at a castle hotel, or mixing wine and wellness? There are specialised hotels around the lake catering for your special needs. Enjoy special interest trips such as Nordic walking tours, wine cellar visits, wine dinners, horse riding programs and castle tours. Pay attention to your relaxation needs too, and enjoy the hotel's well-equipped spa or stretch your limits at yoga and self-development classes.

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