The historic spa town of Mosonmogyorovár

Mosonmogyoróvár is a spa town of 30,000 located in the northwest of Hungary, near the Austrian and Slovakian borders, and Vienna and Bratislava are just 84km and 44km away.

The town's name is a bit of a mouthful, it is actually an amalgam of two ancient towns one called Moson, derived from a slavic expression meaning "in the marsh" and the other called Mogyaróvár, (or "ancient Hungarian Castle"). The area has been inhabited since the Roman times, when this part of the empire up to the Danube was known as Pannonia. Several centuries after the romans left, the Hungarian expansion into the Carpathian basin led to a fortification here at Moson to protect its borders. After withstanding a few sieges, it was finally destroyed rendered unrepairable. King Bela IV decreed a new castle be built at a better site at Óvár. This too was destroyed several times, by the Turks and German mercenaries but was always rebuilt. In 1809 the town made a deal with Napoleon's army camped nearby, to resupply them in return for remaining unmolested. Moson and Mogyaróvár were administratively joined in 1939, and have since grown together as the intervening space has gradually been developed.

Mosonmogyoróvár is a spa town. It has a large spa complex near the town centre, where guests from far and wide come to relax and take advantage of the curative waters. The thermal water bubbling away more than 2km below the surface, emerges at 74 degrees. Due to its chemical makeup (alkaline-hydrogen carbonate water/chloride water that is high in iodine) it is deemed to be very useful in treatment locomotor conditions through bathing and illnesses bronchitis, emphysema and chronic respiratory diseases via inhalation. It has been rated as one of the top 5 medicinal springs in Europe.

To assist in relaxation and stress free treatment, there are several hotel near the baths, such as:

  • The Thermal Hotel Mosonmogyoróvár, which has an impressive location right next to the site of the spa. Check out their great spa and Futura science exhibition offer to keep the whole family relaxed and happy.
  • Aqua Hotel Térmál, located close to the river and the city's pedestrian area, with good access to the thermal spa. There is also a campsite next door for those who prefer the outdoor life.
  • Hotel Panoráma offers 2 restaurants, sauna and solarium, beauty salon, fitness and massage facilities, topped off with great views.

In addition to exploring the aforementioned Castle in Mosonmogyoróvár, guest should also take advantage of the chance to experience the FUTURA interactive science exhibition, where young scientists can try out a real laser and get their hands on a Tesla coil. See their special offer here.

High quality dentistry is another veritable industry in this town, as its combination of favourable location and comparatively low costs allow for great prices that attract up to 160,000 patients a year, mainly from across the Austrian border.